" I want to thank you so much for the wonderful product that I had ordered for my mom. She was thrilled! She said that the wrapping was exquisite and even better, the scent. She was pleased beyond belief...and so am I! We are telling our friends all about you and we will definitely be doing business with you again!- " Melanie-TN

" The Bath Salts are the best I've ever tried. I've tried Bath and Body Works and some others you can buy at the store but the one's at Foster's Creations are hands down the best. The first ingredient is Epsom Salt, the one thing you need in your bath to help you and your muscles relax. And, it's ground fine so you don?t have rocks in your tub when you pour it in. Shannon gives you a resealable bag so you can be sure to have it safe for next time. The scents are wonderful. I've used Buttermint, Warm Ginger Spice and Warm Blessings all of which were wonderful.

Some of her scents are special blends that take a little bit of time for her to make and send out to you. But, don 't worry, this is one of those places with fantastic customer service. I've had a couple of orders and a Crafty Cubeand Shannon has always been on top of everything and even sends me a personal email to make sure everything on my order is right. It's things like that and fine quality products that keep me happy. " - Jennifer- VA
Read the rest of Jennifer's review HERE

" I first ordered products from Foster's Creations for some people very dear to me who were battling cancer. I was so happy, not only with the products I received, but the amount of love that was put into their creation, presentation, and the extra touches of kindness in the package.

The bath products are of such good quality. I'm a nurse who works with cancer patients on a daily basis. My hands get so dry from constantly washing them, so I love the body lotions. The fragrances are wonderful, calming, soothing, and therapeutic. My co-workers and patients have also enjoyed them very much!

The menthol cream also does wonders for my aching muscles at the end of a long shift! The air fresheners have been such a wonderful gift for others. The ribbon fresheners are a great way to promote awareness, and there are many others to choose from to suit the personalities of my friends and families.

I have been so delighted in my purchases, but also in the fact that I have felt from the beginning that I have been purchasing from a friend. Although I have never met Shannon, she always adds so many personal touches. Her big heart shines through her creativity, but also in all of the good that she is doing and contributions she is making. I see people battling cancer on a daily basis. To know that my purchases are not only benefiting myself, but also the cancer patients I serve is a double gift. I really feel that I have found a treasure in finding Foster's Creations! "- Teresa- MN

" To say my experience with Foster's Creations was wonderful would be putting it mildly!

The beautifulcupcake soaps are what caught my eye. I ordered two for my daughter and she loves both of them. Each soap is a work of art on their own. I had a hard time letting my daughter even use them because they are so gorgeous. I'm glad I did though because they are wonderful soaps!

For myself I bought a bottle of Body Milk. This is one of the most unique and wonderful products I have ever used. It sprays on nice and evenly & moisturizes. Not only that it is light and sinks in quickly. The fragrance also lingers with me all day. I love it!

I cannot thank Shannon enough for her thoughtful care of me as her customer. She went way above and beyond the call of duty and treated me like gold. Also I'd like to add included in our box was a card she made for my daughter from me. It was the cutest thing ever and meant so much to my daughter. It was the cherry on top of a wonderful experience with customer service & products.
Thank you so much Shannon! I will be back very soon! "- Julie-WA

" Gingerbread Fluffy Body Butter: Are you kidding me? This was just like spreading frosting on your body and I mean that in the most amazingly delicious way possible. The scent is heavenly, the texture was so lovely - just like frosting It's so ligt and fluffy yet moisturizing without being greasy. Great job"- Michelle- AZ

" The lotion I received as a gift smelled good and kept my skin feeling soft" - Dodie- IA

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