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We are currently restructuring our product line.

We have suspended orders until further notice.

If there is something you absolutely need
please email us and we can let you know if we have it in stock.

We apologize for any inconvienence this may cause.
We wish to offer you quality products and felt it was time to bring in some
new fragrances and retire some of our less popular fragrances.

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Avocado Oil (Unrefined*) - One of the richest skincare oils, avocado oil is excellent in soaps, lotions, and creams. High in protein, vitamins A and E, and potassium, it treats dry and damaged skin. Very penetrating. Nourishing for dry and dehydrated skin, eczema, solar keratosis, improves elasticity. Nearly odorless with an earthy, deep green color.

Castor Oil -
Used mainly for hair conditions such as dry, brittle, damaged hair or hair loss. This is a very thick oil with a prominent odor and slightly sticky texture. Used mainly for a hair conditioner.

Cocoa Butter -
is also known as oil of theobroma,(Latin for food of the gods) it is obtained by grinding roasted cacoa beans and then separating the vegetable fat. It is used by plantation workers to protect and soften skin. It is a popular ingredient in commercially produced hand, body and face creams. Like the Shea Butter its benefit is it use as an emollient to soften the dries of skins, it is said to be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of stretchmarks if applied daily to the abdomen, breasts and thighs.

Emu Oil - Aids in the relief of burns, skin ailments, sore joints, muscles aches, etc. Also good for psoriasis, eczema, scarring, swelling, latex dermatitis, rhinitis, keliods, contact dermatitis, Reduce roseola from rashes, acne inflammation, radiation treatments, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, arthritis and bursitis, callused feet, Achilles tendonitis sprains, sports related injuries, skin chlorine irritation, tired muscles, razor burn and nicks Moisturize cracked, chapped skin, sunburn, prevent blistering , diaper rash, minor cuts and scratches, bug bites, canker sores and cold sores, itching and burning of rashes, Moisturizer, dry, irritated nasal passages, stretch marks, under-eye puffiness, age spots, wrinkles, cuticles and nails, a natural emollient that is suitable for both skin care and cosmetics.

Evening Primrose Oil - It has been researched well and is one of the few plant sources of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) that is very therapeutic both internally and in natural skin care products. It blends well with other carrier oils, is mildly Astringent and it is an excellent treatment for dry, flaky skin and skin prone to Eczema.

Hazelnut Oil - Loaded with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins, hazelnut oil is excellent for skincare applications. It's astringent qualities are beneficial for problem skin/acne. As a massage oil it is medium-lightweight and non-greasy, and is said to stimulate circulation.

Jojoba Oil - is really not an oil, but a liquid wax. This oil has been used for many years in skin care products because of the healing power that is has. It is said to be closely related to human sebum and this makes is very compatible with our skin. It is said to help is fighting Acne and Pimples and is wonderful for dry and damaged skin.

Macadamia Nut Oil - An excellent moisturizing oil that has a slightly nutty scent. Great for normal to dry skin and mature skin types. It is an emollient in soaps.

Mango Butter - It has good emolliency and lends a protective effect against the sun. It is said to prevent drying of the skin and formation of wrinkles. It reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores flexibility. Mango Butter is an exotic butter that is obtained from the Mangifera Indica native to the tropics. It is a soft solid butter, with a slight sweet scent. It is known to be very emollient, high oxidative ability, wound healing and regenerative properties and UV radiation protective properties. Use this luxurious butter in lip balms, lotions, lotion bars, creams, salves, facial care, body butters and soaps.

Meadowfoam Oil - helps moisturize skin and hair, helps prevent moisture loss, helps dry hair, helps dry, cracked skin & lips, helps retain adhesion in skin products

Shea Butter (Refined) - luxurious moisturizing properties. Used by African healers over thousands of years as an exotic luxury emollient, reported to benefit dry ,damaged and maturing skin.

Sweet Almond Oil - A very good massage oil it is beneficial for dry skin and helps relieve itching, soreness and dryness. It is reported to be soothing, healing, lubricating, softening, revitalizing and nourishing. Good for sensitive or irritated skin.

Tamanu Oil - is esteemed for its skin softening, moisturizing, regenerative and antiseptic properties. It helps restore suppleness and youth to damaged and wrinkled skin and helps provide the following benefits:
Enhances the skin's own repair mechanism, Soothes and heals rashes, Softens, conditions and protects dry, irritated skin, Reduces fine lines associated with aging, Combats the effects resulting from overexposure to the sun
Relieves and soothes the pain and discomfort associated with sunburn, Reduces the effects of exposure to dry or cold winds.Generally nourishes and restores skin in a very potent way while reducing the damage caused by the sun, wind, air and chemicals in our environment, as well as by aging.

Vitamin E - Promotes Healthy Tissue.


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