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We are currently restructuring our product line.

We have suspended orders until further notice.

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We apologize for any inconvienence this may cause.
We wish to offer you quality products and felt it was time to bring in some
new fragrances and retire some of our less popular fragrances.

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Almond- Nice rich scent similar to amaretto.

A-Peeling Apple-
A hands down winner and a real favorite around here, this terrific, invigorating scent is right for any time of the year! the crisp, tart goodness of apples is first and foremost. Added is the zingy tang of orange peel, and topped off with just the right amount of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to enhance but not overwhelm the fragrance. If you like Apple Jack N Peel by Claire Burke this refreshing yet warm and cozy scent is sure to be a winner.

Baby Buff-
If you like the smell of Baby Powder this comforting scent is just for you. Blends nice with Lavender essential oil.

A centuries' old and traditional masculine fragrance, our Bay Rum has the sharpness of bay leaves and the full-bodied, but softened, scent of rum. Spices, enhanced by orange peels and eucalyptus leaves.

Birthday Cake-
A sweet buttery bouquet reminiscent of vanilla cake.

Blackberries and Sage-
A sweet fruity blend with hints of peach, strawberry, orange and raspberry, combined with an undertone of dried herbs. If you love Blackberry Sage by Bath and Body Works this will satisfy your senses.

Blooming Cotton -
A sweet & subtle blend of jasmine, violet and gardenia with a sparkle of lemon zests on a drydown of vanilla and musk. This clean smelling fragrance is reminicent of Cotton Blossom by Bath and Body Works.

Bridal Wishes -
I came up with my version of this blend for my sister's wedding. It is a sweet blend of white cake, buttercream and almond.

This one smells just like buttercream icing.

Exact duplicate of those yummy pastel after dinner mints.

Enchanting and mysterious are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing this fragrance. It's warm and very appealing with touches of amber, incense and a tiny hint of patchouli. If you are a fan of the more sensual scents such as amber, myrrh, and sandalwood, you'll love this one too!

Cherry Vanilla-
Nice tart cherry scent with a touch of vanilla. This one works well with the Almond Fragrance oil to create a scent similar to the Jergens Cherry and Almond Scent.

Christmas Memories -
A fresh pine forest with background notes of cinnamon sticks, clove buds and cedarwood.

Cleopatra -
Mysterious and Alluring Red Current with a touch of Egyptian Musk.

Cranberry Explosion*
-Refreshing blend of cranberry and orange. This blend was created from a customers request.

Cranberry Plum
-This is a must-have for the holidays, but we like it all year round! The predominant note is tart and juicy cranberry, but the sweet and succulent plum holds its own.

Cranberry Spice -The berry sweetness is enhanced by the spicy notes of orange peel and cinnamon. Very reminiscent of hot mulled wine, it is nice for creating a cozy mood when the weather starts to cool and we're looking forward to the beauty of the Autumn season.

Cucumbers & Melons -
Fresh melons of cantaloupe, honeydew, and several other, with the top note of freshly picked cucumber.

Currant Whisper*
- This blend was created while in my car on the way to a meeting. I had just sprayed my Guenevere Perfume mister and thought I needed a chocolate fix so sprayed my Hot Chocolate Room/Linen spray in the car and thought to myself WOW does that blend smell YUMMY. However I couldn't think of a name so I enlisted the help of a few friends and thus became Currant Whisper a blend of cranberry plum, red currant, egyptian musk and hot chocolate.

Enchanted Love -
A sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange enhanced by hints of peach and berries with an undertone of musk. If you can't live without Love Spell by Victoria Secret's this is the fragrance for you.

Fireside Hazelnut -
Smells like fresh roasted hazelnuts....warm and inviting! If you love Toasted Hazelnut by Bath and Body Works this will warm your heart.

Freesia -
Can you say WOW? This is light, fresh, and totally irresistible. This is just so fresh and feminine, and one of our most popular scents. Great all alone, and also great mixed with other scents. A definite must have for your collection.

Fresh Sweet Pea-
A light and refreshing floral with hints of jasmine, violet and Lily Of The Valley set on a velvet musk background. If you like Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works this refreshing floral fragrance will certainly be a hit.

Gardenia -
Deep, intoxicating scent of the freshly bloomed white waxy beautiful gardenia. The notes are incredibly fresh, green, and you wont want to put it down! This is a terrific stand alone scent, and also blends with other fragrances well.

Ginger Lime Blossom -
A supberb blend of Warm Ginger Spice and Lime Blossom that reminds me of a Smarties Candy.

Ginger Princess -
Sophisticated but yet subtle this scent starts out with a musk and sandalwood bouquet that is enhanced with the subtle scent of wild jasmine. It's sure to become one of your new favorites! If you like White Ginger and Amber by Bath and Body Works this fragrance will enchant you.

Green Tea
-This is a mild, gentle scent - very refreshing. Light and soft, yet very green and fresh.

Guenevere- This sweet blend of cranberry plum, red currant and egyptian musk is sure to enchant !

Hawaiian Island -
A sophisticated but subtle fresh floral blend of Wild Roses, fresh cut grass and Carolina Jasmine with a Sweet Orange nuance. It's fresh & clean & the ginger is definite. If you like Hawaiian White Ginger by Avon let this tantilizing frangrance enchant you.

Herbal Blossom-
A floral blend of jasmine, Lily of the Valley and cyclamen with a hint of rose and a touch of violet. If you like Flowering Herb by Bath and Body Works you will enjoy this unique crisp aroma.

Honey Spa Ginger -
Top notes are a fresh blends of ginger, peach, mango, clove, citrus. The body of the fragrance combines orange blossom, rose, and jasmine. The base accord is musky and woody.

Hot Chocolate -
Sinfully rich and intoxicating, this yummy chocoate fragrance is pure indulgence. Satisfy your chocolate cravings without the guilt. Zero calories. Tons of Aroma. By far one of our best sellers.

Island Dew -
As warm and sunny as a tropical afternoon, this wonderful fragrance starts with a mix of orange, banana, peach and raspberry that is reminiscent of a juicy Island punch. Added to that is an equally balanced bouquet of gardenia, jasmine, musk and sandalwood creating a blend that is as sultry and haunting as a balmy, star-filled Caribbean night. This marvelous scent has a rich, buttery undertone that makes it full-bodied, yet soft and subtle. Positively addictive! This is a year round great seller.

Irish Morning -
A floral fruity combination of fresh citrus and jasmine petals on a sweet musk and woody background. If you like Green Clover & Aloe by Bath and Body Works you will like this simple fresh unisex fragrance.

Lauryn's Hope-
Very special blend created especially for my Lauryn's hope soaps.

Lavender -
pure Essential Oil Familiar floral scent not bitter, nice scent.

Lavender Vanilla -
pure Essential Oil blended with a warm buttery vanilla.

Lilac -
The phenomenal French blue Lilac at its very best. This is just like having a fresh blooming bush under your nose. This is one of our most popular scents, and I am sure it will be yours also. It's the real thing.

Lily of the Valley -
A white flower blend of jasmine, rose, carnation and hyacinth with hints of lime, pear and cut grass creating the
aroma of the small white lily bell-shaped blossom. This version has plenty of staying power.

Lime Blossom -
An aldehydic citrus bouquet with lime, lemon and jasmine top notes on a woody sweet background.

Magical Baby-
A light sweet fruit and floral combination of raspberry, orange, strawberry,
peach, banana and cherry with jasmine and violet nuances. If you can't get enough of Baby Magic by Johnson & Johnson you will be pleasantly supprised by this fragrance.

Magnolia Melba -
A fruity floral combination consisting of magnolia blossoms, apple, peach, strawberry, jasmine, rose, raspberry and lavender.

Moonlight Walk -
A light musk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods, with a slight hint of flowers. Words cannot do justice to this exquisite and haunting fragrance! You will definitely want to wear this one. If you like Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works then indulge yourself in this romantic fragrance.

Mullberry -
A classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries and bitter orange peels.

Nubian Queen -
A sweet jasmine blend with undertones of african violets and exotic musk. If you love Elixir of Love by Caswell Massey this fragrace will captivate you.

A blend of jasmine and rose on an undertone of cedarwood and patchouli with a strong background of moss.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey -
A blend of hawthorn (flowering shrub used as an herb) and french vanilla with hints of almonds.

Peppermint Essential Oil -
Cool refreshing mint. One of the best mints around it is grown and extracted in Wisconsin.

Pink Ribbons -
Beautiful combination of floral, melon and apple notes. If you enjoy Pretty in Pink by Victoria Secrets you will enjoy this fantastically feminine fragrance.

Plumeria -
A slight floral undernote enhances the fruity, but not sweet, scent. It truly makes your mouth water smelling it out of the bottle, and reminds me of a wonderful bunch of Concord grapes still warm on the vine.

Plumeria Freesia -
This scent is a wonderful blend of two favorites: Plumeria and Freesia. A spring bouquet of white blossoms, peonies, wild jasmine, red rose and fresh lavender.

Pomegranate -
A nice blend of peach, apple and strawberry with a touch of vanilla.

Pretty Pink Pear-
An absolutely mouthwatering, delicious blend. Fresh and green, this scent takes the full-bodied essence of the tart sweetness of pears & luscious ripe berries, on a background of slight musk. It's topped off with subtle hints of melon which makes this scent delectable. If you love Pearberry by Bath and Body Works you be excited over this soft and sweet fragrance.

Pumpkin Pie Spice -
You will swear that someone is in the kitchen baking pies when you uncap a bottle of this delectable scent! A scrumptious concoction of smooth pumpkin with the warm, spicy notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon topped with a rich layer of butter

Red Hot Cinnamon -
This is an awesome fragrance that smells just like a bowl of Red Hot Cinnamon Candies!

Red Roses -
'A rose is a rose', so the sonnet goes, but you'd never know it based on some of the interpretations available! Meet our faithful rendition of this beautiful fragrance that is warm & full-bodied. Enjoy your summer garden all year long with a marvelous adaptation of this true, classic, well-loved favorite!

A light floral with top notes of lemon, lime and orange combined with floral hints of jasmine, lily of the valley and rosewood on a musky background. If you enjoy Lavender Flowers by Bath and Body Works this sweet floral fragrance is sure to entice you.

Romntic Ambers-
Blend of Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla. If you like Amber Romance by Victoria Secret you will enjoy this warm musky blend.

Romantic Dreams -
A sensual blend of florals, woods and a hint of musk. If you like Romance by Ralph Lauren this fragrance will truly entice you.

Subtle Serenity -
Positively heaven-sent, and you'll soon be singing the praises of this wonderful addition to our Fragrance Oil family! As we all fill our days with more and more duties and projects, taking little or no time to relax, our worries and stress levels become unbearable. Get instant relief with this superbly balanced, calming blend of Lavender and Sage, touched with a hint of Peppermint and Star Anise. A lovely, soft scent that quiets the mind and invigorates the spirit. If you like Stess Relief by Bath and Body Works this fragrance will surely ease your soul.

Sunflower Garden-
A wonderful warm and fragrant floral. One of our best sellers. If you enjoy Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden this fragrance will surely brighten your day.

Sunflower Spice-
Another signature blend we created. Sunflower Garden, orange spice, ginger, bayrum and red hot cinnamon candies are combined to create a warm spicy floral scent great for fall.

Toasted Vanilla Sugar -
This is one of our best sellers. It is a warm sweet fragrance with a light vanilla undernote. If you love Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works this is sure to become a favorite.
Traditional Christmas -
Cinnamon bark, sticks and leaves with orange peels and a hint of vanilla make this a wonderful holiday treat.

Tropical  Encounters -
One of our most popular year around scents. A light floral base, with hints of mangos, peach blossoms, orange blossoms, and a top note of bergamot and amaretto. This scent is hard to keep in stock, so be sure to order enough of it. If you like Sex on the Beach this sensual fragrance will be nearly sinful.

Tropical Mandarin -
An irresistible blend of freshly sliced mandarins and tangerines on a bed of diced ripe mangos. If you like Mango Mandarin by Bath and Body Works this fruity concoction will drive you wild.

Vanilla Bean -
A buttery, nutty, musky, woody vanilla bouquet. If you like Vanilla Bean Noel by Bath and Body Works this fragrance will certainly warm your heart.

Warm Blessings -
#1 Best selling blend. I came up with this for a swap and I must tell you it is marvelous. White Spice, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Buttermint, Cranberry Fig and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey all combine to make this a very warm and pleasing scent. My customers are known to not want to put it down.

Warm Ginger Spice -
Fresh ground ginger with clove buds, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans enhanced with light nuances of apples and peach. If you like Ginger Souffle by Origins you will find this fragrance almost good enough to eat.

Waterfall Treasure -
A fresh floral bouquet with a touch of "ozone". This is a great "water" scent and should make "Rain" lovers happy. If you love Fresh Waterfall Mist by Bath and Body works this scent is sure to will be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Wedding Ring -
Blend of Rose and Violet. If you love Wedding Day by Yankee Canles this is sure to become a teasure for you.

White Magnolia -
A fresh floral blend reminiscent of white magnolia.

White Spice -
An orange and cinnamon blend on a light sandalwood background. Slight undertone of Oriental spices that comes up next. Truly a unisex fragrance

White Tea -
Fresh citrus top notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit and orange with warm nuances of exotic jasmine. Out of 3 different testers, this version won hands down.

White Tea & Spice -
Warm & full bodied with top notes of fresh lemon peel then enhanced with a slight exotic spice blend then topped off with hints of jasmine giving this scent a oriental fragrance without the heaviness of some. If you like White Tea & Ginger by Bath and Body Works this fragrance will spice up your life.

White Water Rafting -
Notes: citrus, black currant and pineapple. The middle notes are: honeydew, muguet and water lily and the base of the fragrance is: vetiver amber and mulberry. If you like Cool Water For Men by Davidoff this exhilarating fragrance is for you.

Winter Ambrosia-
A fresh powerful citrus accord loaded with grapefruit oil, with a light touch of green.

Winter Snowflower-
Blend of Snow Flowers, Musk. If you enjoy Frosted Snowdrops by Bath & Body Works you will enjoy this experience.



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