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Is the top tier included in the number of servings?
At Foster's Creations we do things a bit different than most bakers. Your entire wedding cake will be served. Each wedding cake includes
FREE 6inch Honeymoon cake
FREE 1st Year Anniversary cake
(Must notify me 4 weeks prior to your anniversary to order your Fresh Anniversary cake)

How much will my cake cost?
Our pricing starts at $1.75/serving for basic flavors and $2.25/serving for premium flavors. Those prices are for Buttercream Icing. Cakes with fondant accents begin at $2.50/serving and fondant covered cakes begin at $3.50/serving.

Do you offer free tastings?
We do not freeze our cakes, therefore when you set up your consultation you may select one flavor. We will bake a fresh 6 inch (2 layer cake) for your tasting. If you wish to try other flavors each 6inch will be $10 for basic flavors and $15 for premium flavors.

Can I get sheet cakes for part of my servings to save money?
We provide half sheet cakes for wedding cakes having a minimum of 150 servings. Our half sheet cakes are 12x18 and serve 54. The cost is $65 per half sheet. For wedding cakes with less than 150 servings Kitchen Cakes are available. Kitchen Cakes (two layers with basic icing and bottom border) are available in either
round or square for additional servings.
Basic flavors $1.50/serving
Premium Flavors $2.00/serving

Please keep in mind for quality control reasons and professional courtesy, we will not provide a main cake if kitchen, groom's cake or sheet cakes are provided by another baker,nor will we provide Kitchen Cakes, Sheet cakes, or Groom's cakes where the main cake is provided by another baker.
In the event that we arrive to set up your cake and find cakes from other vendors we will NOT leave your cake and NO REFUND will be given.

Do you offer Styrofoam tiers for added height?
Foster's Creations does not offer Styrofoam tiers to increase the height of your cake. Styrofoam is not much cheaper for us to buy than the ingredients for real cake and it takes the same amount of icing and time to decorate a Styrofoam tier as a real one. We do offer 1 inch Styrofoam spacers trimmed in ribbon to go between your tiers to make it easier for the staff to disassemble your cake for serving. There is an equipment deposit on these and they would need to be returned within 2 weeks after your event.

Do you offer cupcakes?
Due to limited space in our workshop we do not offer cupcake wedding cakes at this time.

Do you offer cheesecakes?
Foster's Creations only provides cakes that have shelf stable icings and fillings that do not require refrigeration. We do not offer cheesecakes as they would require refrigeration up to the time they are served and wedding cakes are typically set up several hours prior to serving.

Can I have more than one flavor?
Each tier (2 layer cake) can be a different flavor. We do not charge extra for this. The only price difference would be if you choose basic flavors or premium flavors.

How soon does my cake need to be ordered?
Ideally we like to have 6 months notice for wedding cakes and 2-4 weeks for all other occasion cakes. Please keep in mind that we only book 1 wedding cake per weekend and popular dates fill up quickly.

Do you charge for deliver?
Foster's Creations provides free delivery for any cake order within 35 miles of Clinton, Ia. Deliveries over 35 miles are charged .75 per mile one way over 35 miles. We typically only provide cakes within 100 miles of Clinton but do go outside that range on occasion.

How many servings will I need?
Generally they say that about 80% of your invited guests will attend your reception and about 80% of those guests will eat cake. You can add servings to your cake up to 3 weeks prior to your wedding as you should have your RSVP's back by then.

Do you require a deposit?
Wedding cakes require a $50 fee to hold the date( this is not part of your cake total and is non-refundable as we only book 1 wedding per weekend. There is also a $50 deposit required and this will be returned to you once both payments for your wedding cake are received on the date they are due. If either one of the payments is more than 1 week late the $50 deposit will be kept. If you use one of our stand or pillars there will be a separate equipment deposit based on which stand you choose. Birthday cake orders larger than $50 require half down when the order is placed.

What do I need to bring with me to the consultation?
You will need to bring with you any pictures of cakes you have in mind for the design of your cake. You will also need to bring any color swatches that we will need to match icing details of your cake. Date, time and location of the Wedding and Reception.

What is required to reserve my date?
Wedding cakes require a $50 fee to hold the date( this is not part of your cake total and is non-refundable as we only book 1 wedding per weekend. There is also a $50 deposit required and this will be returned to you once both payments for your wedding cake are received on the date they are due. If either one of the payments is more than 1 week late the $50 deposit will be kept. If your cake is cancelled the $50 deposit and half of your first payment will be kept as we only book one wedding per date and all other requests are turned down. Any equipment deposit will be returned as well as any payment amount that is refundable.

What is your cancellation policy?
Wedding cake orders cancellations must be mailed in writing and mailed directly to Foster's Creations. Our mailing address is located on your contract. E-mail is not 100% reliable therefore is not an acceptable way to send your cancellation notice. Your $50 deposit will not be refunded. In the event we are able to re-book your date and both payments have been made 3/4 of your balance will be refunded. If only one payment has been made 1/2 of that payment will be refunded if we are able to re-book your date. For all occasion cake orders over $50 that are cancelled less than 5 days prior to the event the deposit is not refunded.

What if I need to change my date?
In the event that you need to change your date there will be a $50 fee provided that the new date you want is still available. If the new date is already booked then the cancellation guidelines apply.

Who decorates the cake table?
Your cake table will need to be set up and ready when we arrive to set up your wedding cake. We recommend having the cake on a colored table covering as they photograph better when not on a white table covering. You will need to have your cake topper and serving knife set there as well as any fresh or silk flowers to be placed on your cake.

Who places fresh flowers on my cake?
Foster's Creations will always place the flowers on my cakes. You will need to have your flowers there for me at the time of delivery.

Is it safe to have fresh flowers on my cake?
Not all flowers are safe to be placed on a cake. You will need to speak with your florist as to which ones are non-toxic and safe to be placed on your cake. Lily of the Valley and Hydrangea are two flowers that are not safe for cakes and therefore you would have to have silk flowers or arrange for them to be in a floral holder ring or floral spikes and have that worked into your design of your cake.

Do you make cakes with Licensed characters?
Due to legal reasons we do not make licensed cakes, unless we use a pre-purchased edible image which adds $8-10 to the rice of your cake. We will be glad to make a cake to match the color scheme of your themed party.

Do you have a store front?
We work out of our home and are not zoned commercially, therefore are not allowed to have customers come to us. We will gladly come to you to discuss your wedding cake needs, or we can arrange to meet at a public meeting place for your consultation.

Please Note:
We take pride in our work and feel our products are priced fairly for our area. We do our best to accommodate your wishes, and realize we cannot please everyone. We treat our clients with respect and expect the same from our clients. If you have a question or concern please let us know so we can find a solution that works for both of us. We consider it an honor to be a part of your celebration.

Please call or e-mail me for a wedding cake or tiered special occasion cake consultation.


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